Kindness is the way to go

Kindness is the way to go

As much as many of us wholeheartedly want to,
We cannot change the entire world and humanity,
Being the change we want to see is all we can do,
And trying to live as though we are all a big family,

No we cannot change the entire world,
That dream is too big for it to be realised,
But we can change someones little world,
Give kindness and love without any compromise,

We do this with one day at the time,
Put in some effort to make one feel loved,
We do this with one smile at the time,
To change a persons entire plot,

From a life without positivity, love and hope,
To a life with serenity and peace of mind,
We gave someone enough energy to cope,
And it al started off with just being kind,

Kindness is the right word to describe,
How we try to ease someone else’s pain,
And when we hush someones desperate cries,
For the both of us a tremendous gain,

As the healing of kindness works both ways,
We make someone else feel less alone,
And we heal ourselves with love that lays,
Deep in our hearts, and in our own,

Soul that is, and it will blossom and grow,
Because of a gesture that gave this spark,
For someone to continue their life with hope,
A gesture that has left an infinite mark,

It can be just one act of kindness yes,
That saves someone from pain and depression,
It will last a lifetime for this person in distress,
So let this little rhyme be a valuable lesson,

For you to understand to always smile,
At everyone you come across on the street,
I promise you, it will be worth your while,
As this may help a person in need,

Help eachother, smile, be good, and be kind,
Spread kindness, happiness, serenity and joy,
This is what truly makes a beautiful mind,
Its love, compassion and humanity you deploy..

Its all about having this positive attitude,
You spread it around for others to benefit,
You will recieve an overflow of love and gratitude,
And greatness for you and for all will be definite…

Mentje, July 18, 2019


Fitgirl Journey update #1


So I got measured with a bodyscan today again. And here are the results.

Weight: 82 kg (180,7 pounds)

BMI: 28.7

Muscle mass: 26,1 kg

Fatpercentage: 42,2 %

BMR: 1393

I lost two KG of fat (4.4 lbs.), and gained 0.4 kg (0.8 lbs.) of muscle. I lost 1.6 kg in total (3.5 lbs.) Since my last bodyscan measurement. 6 weeks that is.

I am happy with losing 2 kg of fat. But only gaining less then a pound of muscle is disappointing. I generally went to the gym 3 times a week, so the frequency is not the reason. I figured, my training is not heavy enough. So I consulted one of the trainers today and she explained that lifting the same amount of weight for 6 weeks wont make you gain muscle weight. You have to increase the amounts of weights and reps everytime you go, not every 4 or 6 weeks with an evaluation. I didn’t do enough in the gym… well enough to lose fat, but not enough to gain more muscle.

Though building up muscle goes slowly, so I should be glad that at least I made some progress here. Actually I will just be glad. Glad with the fatloss and glad with that bit of muscle gain. And since the very start I lost 4.5 kilo’s, thats 10 lbs. Not bad. Yes, lets be positive.

So, besides building up the weights and reps regularly I was also told by the trainer to watch the intake of sugar. That way I will lose weight faster. So once again I will give reducing my sugar intake a go.

Also, I was advised to work out at home as well. Do squats and and crunches. So that I will be doing. From tomorrow on, on the days where I dont go to the gym, I will do 50 squats, 50 crunches and go for a run. Next week I go for 60 squats and crunches and so on.

There is really no point in making a fitness schedule anymore since it will change every week or two weeks or so. But what I can say it that all exercises will be increased with 10-15 more reps

So, that was it for today. Next update will follow with the next bodyscan measurement next month. In about 4-6 weeks.

See you then!


Flying high

Flying high

As an aeroplane is taking off,
And it goes faster and faster to make speed,
Lots of energy and fuel will be the cost,
But once in the air, it is as tough it’s freed,

It can now stop this speeding and pushing,
It’s just flying high with no helping hand,
All it has to do is being and enduring,
The weather and circumstances it has to withstand,

For us humans in life, it is basicly the same,
When we try to achieve some particular things,
And when we have dreams that we like to chase,
We have to take off first, before we collect any wins,

Speeding up to create a steady ration,
It’s process wants some discipline and strength,
This requires perserverance and determination,
But putting in the effort will take you to great lengths,

There will be harsh moments where you will feel,
Like you cant go on and you just want to quit,
Or you dont have the energy or time to heal,
From cuts you have gotten in the process with it,

But don’t let this tiredness and these occasional cuts,
Cast a shadow on your much desired dreams,
Your goals are going to be achieved, no buts,
And its succes will be exceptionally supreme,

When you remember at these difficult times,
That you are just in the process of taking off yes?
You are using up your fuel before crossing the line,
Where you’ll be flying high, leaving behind the rest,

And when you do so effortlessly,
It will be worth all the adversities and troubles,
Don’t ever give up, chase your dreams fearlessly,
And I promise, your contributions will redouble

Mentje June 4, 2019

Love for all children

Love for all children

The life of a child, it’s oh so precious ,
And it’s childhood is of great, great importance,
The life of a child is very much treasured,
And it’s succes and greatness is really dormant,

Parents have the difficult job of bringin up their child,
To be a a healthy and wealthy individual,
And at the same time let it be free and wild,
But some parents hold on to conservative originals,

Thinking you have to break the child like a horse,
By teaching it discipline and being dominant,
They punish their children with no remorse,
Not realizing that it’s safety should be prominent,

A child is like a piece if metal you see,
That has to be heated to be shaped into desired,
But the way you heat this metal is key,
Because it determines how this child will be wired,

So shape this piece of metal with love and care,
To teach it virtues, values and morals,
Not with with dominance, punishments and scares,
This will contribute to the childs future format,

Expose a child to the good and positivity,
Give it a childhood that is nice to recall,
Cause one day it’s memories will reoccure vividly,
And it should be fond of each and all,

Love and reinforcement is what it’s all about right,
So when to handle a child, be careful please,
It’s soul is delicate, fragile and needs the light,
And it’s mind needs humanity, love and peace…

  • Mentje, June 3, 2019

We are all connected

We are all connected

Everyone in this world matters,
The pain of every single person is important,
No ones happiness should be shattered,
And everyones life is supposed to move forward,

All of us are supposed to love each other,
Together we are a significant collection,
Wandering this wonderful earth, our mother,
Beautiful souls with an important connection,

So please learn to accept and to forgive,
Give eachother the benefit of the doubt,
See one another, live and let live,
Love and humanity is what it’s all about,

Everyone is from this luminous earth
And this earth is also from everyone,
Feel one anothers pain for what its worth,
That is something that should be done,

Be the change you want to see around you,
And keep believing in the good allright,
Strive to be a better version of you too,
And always keep looking for the light,

Have a little faith and dont stop to believe,
That in this world you can make a change,
Be honest and genuine and try to achieve,
Greatness and progress at your own steady pace…

Forgiveness is freedom

Forgiveness is freedom

When you are all alone, in the dark,
Licking your wounds as they burn and itch,
For someone else has left a painful mark,
A pain that leaves you with a compulsive twitch,

To play the game of who to blame,
You are so angry and you are so sad,
You are feeling the heat of that burning flame,
You want to condemn this person to be bad,

But you yourself are not perfect either,
You yourself have hurt people too,
Admit this and I promise, you’ll feel lighter,
On purpose or unintended, we all do,

Wouldn’t you want to be understood as well?
Getting the benefit of the doubt?
Or would you rather be sent to hell?
Begging for mercy as you cry out loud?

I’m guessing that you wouldn’t right?
So I tell you, don’t wish people ill,
Forgive them no matter what, and despite,
The mistakes they made with their own free will,

Yes, you are hurting, I know, I can see,
It feels unfair and it feels as if you can’t,
But look inside your heart and please,
See the wounds and pain of the person in front ,

Forgive like you would want to be forgiven too,
Also forgive yourself for mistakes you made,
And accept apologies from those people who,
Once hurt you with that sharpened blade,

Please, forgive and let go of your pain,
Forgiveness is freedom and a major relief,
For you and the other, a massive gain,
It is humanity, compassion and love I believe…

Mentje, May 29 2019

Goodbye’s and Butterflies

Goodbyes and Butterflies

Monday noon on the fourth of march 
A group was formed, not very large 
Eight souls to be precise, 
All motivated, and all very nice,

Together they shared their feelings and thoughts, 
And also together they connected some dots, 
Eight individuals with beautiful souls, 
Trying to break down their own unique walls,

Ideas, believes and notions were shared, 
Perceptions, theories and thoughts were compared, 
The group itself and as a whole, 
Contributed to the healing of each and all,

All of them had a great connection, 
It was almost like a perfect collection 
No hostility, envy or competition, 
Only love, compassion and recognition,

Together they were an inspiration, 
For one another like a ‘flawless ration’ 
However unfortunately the journey has ended 
But it seems as if all hearts were mended

So it’s safe to say it was a pleasure 
For them to share this great adventure. 
Now it’s time to say goodbye 
And fly away like butterflies…

Mentje May 27, 2019